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by Matt Diggity

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1.) Tell us your niche

Topical Map Generation

2.) Topical Map Generation:

Our team will manually uncover all the topics you need to write to be considered a “Topical Authority” from Google. Think of topical maps as a replacement for the keyword research process.

Receive the topical map

3.) Receive The Topical Map

In less than 14 days in an easy-to-implement format.


Topical Authority is a semantic SEO strategy, making it the hottest topic to hit the SEO industry in years.

Numerous case studies have shown people getting fast and profound traffic results with little to zero link building.

The topical authority strategy involves complete coverage of a topic on a website.

If you want to rank an article on “protein powder”, one article isn’t enough to build topical relevance on search engines.

You need to cover everything related to protein: “what is protein”, “does protein make you fat”, “does bacon have protein”, …

Topical Maps are complete lists of articles that need to be written in a niche.

We use the following sources to scrape for all the possible topics related to your niche:

  • Your competitors’ websites
  • Google NLP API
  • Wikipedia
  • Google autocomplete
  • Google related searches
  • People Also Ask
  • Answer the Public
  • Ahrefs Questions
  • Google Trends
  • Exploding topics
  • Good ol’ fashioned critical thinking

We then take the complete list of topics and cluster them together using industry-standard clustering software.

This groups together the topics that need to be written in the same article (“does protein make you fat” + “does protein have many calories”) and separates articles that shouldn’t be written together (“does bacon have protein” - “do teenagers need more protein”.)

Topical Map

 $997 $597

  • Fully clustered topical map
  • 14 days turnaround time
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee



This has some really great topics and keywords that I probably never would have found otherwise. It’s also very convenient. You won’t have to spend hours collating all the keywords into their proper clusters.


This is quite valuable information. I’d pay at least $1000 for this.


The topical map that I got for my seed keyword was great and easy to go through! Even for the topic silos with very little volume, you’ll have topics that you’ll be able to cover to achieve topical authority.


What is a Seed Keyword?

Seed keywords are short, typically 1-2 word phrases (occasionally up to 3 words), that capture the essence of the topic you want to delve deeper into and discover related keywords.

For example, if you're writing about fitness, your seed keywords might be "fitness" or "exercise." From there, you can find more specific keywords like "strength training exercises" or "cardio workouts."

Seed keywords are a starting point for finding more keywords and ideas related to your topic.

What are examples of good and bad seed keywords?

A well-chosen seed keyword forms the foundation of your topic exploration. Selecting a seed keyword that closely aligns with your desired topic enables our team to generate more accurate and targeted keyword recommendations. This, in turn, allows us to tailor the topical map to precisely meet your requirements.

Good examples of seed keywords

  1. Coffee roasting 
  2. German Shephard dog
  3. Meal delivery services 
  4. Gym workouts
  5. Smartwatches 

Bad examples of seed keywords

  1. Coffee 
  2. Animals 
  3. Delivery service 
  4. Weighted barbell squat
  5. Waterproof smartwatches for scuba diving

The reason why they’re bad seed keywords:

  • Too vague 
  • Too specific

Is this for English-language websites only?

Yes, this service is for English language only.


Can you give me a free trial or a sample output before I place my order?

Currently, we don't offer samples or free trials for the service, but we do offer a money-back guarantee if you find yourself unsatisfied with the output.

Here is a sample topical map. Note, this is only a portion of the topical map - it has been cut down to 50 unique pages to give you an idea of what to expect. The full topical map contains many more categories and pages.


Can the topical map include all the multiple topics I want to cover?

Our topical maps are designed to focus on one niche or silo at a time. If you have multiple niches you wish to cover, each niche would require a separate topical map. 

For example, if you want to explore the supplement niche, you would need to place individual orders for each supplement category, such as fish oil, multivitamins, protein powder, and so on. This allows us to provide in-depth keyword research and tailored recommendations for each specific niche you want to cover.

Do you give discounts if I order multiple topical maps?

We don’t offer bulk discounts. The price already reflects the cheapest we can do for the service.

Will the topical map provide me with new and unique topics that are not already present on my website?

The topical map will encompass the entire silo, including topics that you may already have on your website. We do not cross-check the existing content to filter out repeated topics. However, the topical map will still offer a comprehensive view of the silo, providing you with new and potentially undiscovered topics alongside those that are already present on your website.

How many pages are typically included in the final report?

Map size varies based on the size of the niche and what we believe it might take to achieve topical authority. As a rough guide here are the number of pages per niche size: Smaller niches = 100-300. Medium niches = 300-500. Broad niches = 500+

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