Partner on Your Next 7-Figure Venture LeadSpring by Matt Diggity



LeadSpring is a digital portfolio company that partners with existing businesses.

We will take over as your full-stack digital marketing department with the ultimate goal of 10-100 x'ing your traffic, leads and sales.

Partnerships are set up as follows (example):

Once LeadSpring is able to grow your business by a pre-negotiated amount, we’ll engage a profit share from that point going forward.

For example, if your business is making $100k per month and we grow you to $133k per month (1.33x growth), then sharing 25% of $133k would put you at the breakeven point.  

Once we grow you past 1.33x, then we’re in win-win territory.

If we don’t get you to the breakeven point, then you get the work for free.




Industry: Real Estate
Traffic Growth: 22,400%
Acquired by Irse Realty Corp in multi-million dollar deal
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Legal Lead Generation

lead ste

Industry: Law
Traffic Growth: 1,500%

Working with Matt, Jay & the team at Leadspring has been a rainmaking partnership with us. Prior to partnering with them we were getting over 90% of our business from Paid media, now at under 30% while growing the overall business revenue over 120%. Real Estate is a tough & competitive niche but the team made quick and painless work of implementing their processes and growing our organic market share.


Jordon Scrinko

Managing Partner



SEO Expertise

We’ve been competing in the most competitive industries since 2009 and have survived 100’s of Google Updates


Paid Marketing

Diversify your traffic with a profitable paid marketing funnel



Get connected to the best in the digital marketing businesses


Conversion Rate Optimization

Get the most out of your visitors.  We’ll help you maximize revenue


An Invested Team

If you win, we win.  This is a big difference between LeadSpring and a typical SEO agency.


Matt Diggity:

Matt is recognized as one of the top SEO experts in the world.  He’s the founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, The Chiang Mai SEO Conference, Authority Builders, and The Affiliate Lab.



Partnering with LeadSpring has allowed me to absolutely dominate one of my niches and sky rocket the income I make in the niche. As we take over the whole front page, my income just keeps growing and growing. The best thing about it is their SEO, which is tested in-house before they rollout campaigns to ensure the lowest risk possible. I will always partner up with these guys in future projects. No need to set up expensive PBNs, no need to follow out-of-date strategies. In fact, I was so impressed; I became a partner in the business.

I originally started SEO on my own and after the first two months, I had managed my first few sales and felt like I was on my way to a successful venture. I continued on my own until I hit my first wall and sales started to flatline at about $1k per month. At this point I decided to team up with Matt. It seemed smart to work with someone who had more experience than I do. Matt dove in and we shot up to five figures within the first few months. It was the best decision I could have made for my SEO business. I couldn’t do enough to praise Matt and his genius in this field. I recommend anyone working in SEO to work with him if they get the chance.

I’ve been working with Matt as his affiliate manager from Vault Media. In 8 short, months he’s sent tons of traffic to us and has been paid $100k in commissions.

I can definitely vouch for Matt’s SEO traffic quality and abilities.

I’ve only been with LeadSpring for one month and I’m already seeing great results.

Matt, Kurt and Jay have all been a pleasure to work with and I was very happy with how quickly they got to work executing their plan. Matt and his team move quickly and obviously know their stuff.

Before LeadSpring, my site had plateaued for a year. Since our partnership, traffic, clicks and conversions are all going up. Partnering with LeadSpring has been the best decision I’ve made for a long time. I look forward to working with them now and with future websites.

One year ago I started my website and it performed well, but sales levelled off and I was struggling to make any gains.

In just 2 months, LeadSpring was able to increase my site revenue by 140% and we’re about to make another big jump this next month. I was blown away at how quickly and efficiently Matt and his group were able to get this done.

I highly recommend working with LeadSpring. They’re professional, organized and have a ton of tested and proven SEO experience.

If I were to build an SEO site empire, Matt would be one of the very few people I'd go for advice.