LeadSpring is growing quickly and we have a new opening for an apprentice.

We are looking for a driven, focused individual to come join…

our fast growing LeadSpring team out and in person in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Come learn SEO from some of the best SEO’s in the world.

Who you will be learning from:



Matt Diggity

Matt has been featured on most of the world’s most popular SEO related blogs and for good reason.  As the owner of Diggity Marketing, he has 1000’s of happy customers around the world that are getting amazing results time and time again.  He is who the professional SEOs go to for consultations and they need to find out what’s actually working today in the algorithm.  Matt doesn’t assume in SEO, he tests everything, which is why he gets the results he does.

Jay Yap - Leadspring Partner

Jay Yap

Jay was LeadSpring’s first apprentice in Dec 2015.  Today, Jay ranks and manages 15 profitable websites in various niches in multiple countries and in different languages.  He can rank anything, in any niche, completely by himself.



Where you will be learning:


chiang mai
Chiang Mai, Thailand is arguably the SEO capital of the world. Surround yourself by people taking control of the SERP’s.

Not only that, Chiang Mai is a mecca for great coffee shops and restaurants, all walking distance from your apartment. 1000’s of entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap their startup business, do it from Chiang Mai, due to the low living costs and high quality of life. Couple that with weekly meetups and networking events, it is a great place to surround yourself by like-minded, motivated people.

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What you will be learning:

This is an amazing opportunity for someone to get access to our SEO techniques, business strategies, systems and proceedures. We are looking to create clones of ourselves to scale LeadSpring. This means you will be learning EXACTLY what we are doing to rank #1 for every keyword we target and how we generate 1000s of dollars per day. On top of that you will be learning:

  • On page SEO
  • Off Page Link Building
  • Our exact backlinking strategy
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Management of Team Members
  • Website Auditing
  • Scaling Strategies
  • Business Management

To apply we have a list of criteria to ensure you make a good fit.

Must have:

  • At most, minimal SEO experience.  We’re not looking to hire experienced SEOs who might have preconceptions..  We’re looking to groom someone fresh to professional levels, as fast as possible.
  • Must sign a 1-year contract of employment.
  • Will be available in Chiang Mai for a face-to-face interview before the hire.
  • A job history with a reference.

Must not:

  • Must not have current affiliate sites or clients.  Need to focus on LeadSpring 100%
  • We all like to have fun and go out for a beer and socialize. We do-not however, want someone who wants to come to Thailand to be a sex-pat or party every night.  We want someone with focus and drive.
  • Must not be out here to find a quick hack, loophole or magic pill.

What Personal Attributes Do You Need?

More important than having a bunch of skills you should be:

  • Easy going and be able to get along with people.
  • Initiative.  Those who can figure out problems on their own and have intiutive insights are rewarded at Leadspring.
  • Able to handle pressure and commit to projects.
  • Intergrity: You value your word and find it extremely important to do what you said you will do.
  • Punctual: On-time with both meetings and deliverables.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Willing to embrace Thai culture and fit in and follow the lay of the land.
  • Work hard, stay focused and have fun with the team.

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