What is the minimum profit my site must have before I can apply?

At least $100k+/month in profit for the past 3 months.

Before I share my niche with you can I have a guarantee that you won’t steal the niche or share the niche with others?

Absolutely.  We will prepare a personal NDA for you as Step 1 of our vetting process.

Will there be a binding contract?

Yes.  Once we decide to move forward, Leadspring is going to take over your SEO completely.  You won’t have to do anything anymore.  So any value addition created to the monthly revenue will be our mutual property.  

What’s my out of pocket expense?

After you’re accepted to the program, nothing.  We take care of the links, new content, social signals… everything.

However, you are obligated to continue to pay for whatever existing SEO has been done for the site, whether it be link rentals on a 3rd party PBN or hosting fees on your own PBN.

How will I get paid every month?

Leadspring will take over the affiliate links as we likely already have relationships with your provider and can negotiate higher payouts.  Each month we will send you your share via PayPal or Transferwise.

What if I would like to sell the site?

You’re allowed to sell at any time, but you’re required to inform us before you make the move to list the site.  We will simply split the additional sale value that LeadSpring’s efforts have created for your site.

For example, your site before engaging with Leadspring is making $1000/month profit.  We increase profit to $7000/month.  Let’s say we find a buyer who will purchase at a 20x multiple of profit.

– Your site would have sold at $20,000
– Your site will now sell at $140,000

You take home $80,000.  Leadspring takes home $60,000.  Win win.

Will you work with foreign language sites?

Sure thing.

Will you work with penalized sites?

It depends on the penalty.  Algorithmic (panda/penguin) penalties are fine.  Sites with manual penalties and warnings/errors are not.

What will you need from me to get started?

During the vetting process, we’ll need full disclosure of your previous SEO work done on the site.  Namely we would like to look at your backlink quality and the anchor text chosen to see the best path forward for optimization.

After the vetting process is complete and you’re accepted to the program, we sign our contract.

From that day forward, you collect money.  That’s it.


You acknowledge and take the risk that this is not white hat SEO. What we do works, and it works well, but we do not guarantee how our strategies work after any algorithm updates. We manage 100s of sites and our strategies have stood the test of time, but there is no guarantee for the future. We give the search engines what they want, but it is an algorithm that is changing and evolving over time. While we will do the best with our own in house testing team to keep on top of these changes, you completely understand the risks and accept them.