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SEO Coaching with Jay Yap

SEO is complex. One day you're ranking well, next you’re nowhere near the first page.

That’s the hard truth.

But what’s interesting about it is that SEO is a process. A process that, once successful, can be replicated to further your SEO results.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years. Mastering what works, and consistently using them to rank our sites at Leadspring and my own personal projects.

And I can help you do the same to yours.

Here’s what some of my previous SEO coaching clients say about me:

Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Moran,

"I just want to say thank you for the SEO advice that you gave me near the end of 2022.

We started implementing what you told us to do in October, and we've already seen a 4x increase in rankings according to SEMRush. We've gone from a worse ever 18k in monthly visitors in August to over 97k uniques according to SEMRush.


We haven't even started link building yet. 


Thank you again for your advice - you helped us save years off our implementation plan!"

Joshua George

Joshua George, Click Slice

"Jay’s a beast when it comes to SEO coaching. He knows his stuff and has helped me a tremendous amount with my own private projects. If you want to up your SEO game, then jump on a call with this man ASAP!"

Matt Hagens

Matt Hagens

"Jay did an extremely thorough and professional job auditing my website. He gave me a list of action items that I never would have found without his expertise. I strongly recommend Jay for anyone looking for a quality website audit!"

Bobbi Mehr

"I've had the opportunity to work with Jay Yap a few times over the last couple of years. And each time has been better than the one before. Jay cares, which is saying a LOT in this industry. He works hard to make sure that you understand and get results. I had one site that had been destroyed by one of the Google updates and Jay's help brought it back. The site is now ranking in the top 3 for dozens of keywords and traffic is 4x what it was."

I treat affiliate SEO as a sport.

There are theories and concepts, but the results depend on how well you train and perform. And just like any other sport, you need a dedicated coach to guide you through.

My experience in SEO in the last decade has allowed me to rank our websites at Leadspring steadily, build huge authority sites, and flip over 10+ websites.

All these skills, I learned and implemented while working with the best SEOs in the field.


Your experience in the industry doesn’t matter.

Beginner with zero SEO knowledge?

Had done SEO before but got stuck with low rankings?

Looking to advance your SEO skills for a client or your own website?

Stop the guessing game. You’ll waste your precious time and money with trial-and-error.

Joe Graisbery, SEO Content Hero

"Whether you're an expert needing to address an SEO enigma, or you're a beginner, Jay Yap offers one of the best SEO consulting services I know of for the affiliate space and beyond. Prior to your call, Jay will request a little info on what is needing to be discussed so he can provide solid real-world examples and solutions. He also doesn't hold back on sharing high-level tactics "

Andrew Fiore

"This was the first SEO consult I have ever done. From start to finish, Jay was very welcoming and detail-oriented. I learned so much from Jay and got very thorough answers to every question that I had. If you are looking to learn some great SEO tactics and improve the rankings on your website, I highly recommend having a consultation with Jay. Very satisfied! "

End-to-end coaching and mentorship.

As a partner of Matt Diggity at Leadspring, I’ve worked with various clients and delivered tangible, profitable results over the years. 

I  also co-developed The Affiliate Lab, which is considered as one of the most comprehensive and valuable SEO courses by many SEOs from all over the world.

I can coach and guide you through your SEO journey from planning, implementation, and even conversion.

Andrew Riedel

"Had a consult with Jay Yap from the Leadspring team because I wanted a second set of eyes on my website, which had taken a traffic hit. To say I was blown away with the insights that Jay came up with is an understatement. He basically gave me a plan to get the site back into shape. I’ve been working through Jay’s recommendations and have already seen a nice kick up in traffic and it’s only been a week! "

Michael Branover

"I had a great SEO consultation session with Jay Yap. He broke down my site's off page and on page elements going through all the details. It helped me understand what I should really focus on moving forward with this site. There were a couple of nuggets I hadn't thought of nor heard before that I'm excited to try out. He was generous with his time and I already implemented some of the quick on page suggestions we went over. "

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